New Day Job

Hello weary internet traveler,

Thanks for stopping by. It is Saturday morning, I'm inside watching The Crown on Netflix while it snows outside. I'm trying to get over a pretty bad cold and my nose is totally raw...Toilet paper and moisturizing tissues are not created equal and I am cheap.

I'm currently wondering if such thing as a breakfast soup exists so that I might comfort my illness with a nice warm soupy distraction..But I think the closest thing I can come up with is cereal - which, let's face it, is really more of a breakfast gazpacho.

I'm also out of Coffeemate which for my money is THE ONLY CREAMER. It is the Highlander of coffee creamers. There can be only one, and it can only be killed by beheading. Anyways, I'm out of supply and I might as well be out of coffee and sugar too..because without my precious original flavor's just not even worth it.

I have a new day job cutting audio at NPR. It's really more of a night job since my shift lasts til 11pm. It is exciting being down the hall from the music department and the famous Tiny Desk. Its also a strange feeling being outside of the music department..Not that I necessarily want to be IN the music department. I guess I just want to wear a badge that says "I too play music" so when I pass other musicians in the hall we might give an affectionate nod to one another. Maybe possibly jam or open mic or play a show together. The whole building seems to have a deep appreciation for the arts and culture and music, and so far I love just being in and around that "vibe".*

I hope to have some new music for you in the not so distant future. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to shoot me a message. I'd love to hear from you.





*Will apologizes for the use of the blacklisted word "vibe" and encourages you to use the word(s) "atmosphere" or "environment" in its place.