Fall Creeping In

Hey folks, 

I just don't update this site enough. Sorry about that.  

Thank YOU for having an interest in my music. I've been making music since I was a little kid. In 1st grade I took piano lessons and shortly after I started I brought in my first original piece of music. It was a bluesy number...all black keys....and I would howl like a wolf as I played it. I wonder if I just knew on some primal level what the blues were about back then...or maybe I had heard the name "Howlin' Wolf" in passing and associated it with "the blues". Either way, since then I have not stopped creating music. 

Since we last spoke, I have gotten engaged to an amazing woman who is lovely in every way. I proposed in Paris which was a lovely city (surprise, surprise). I am still all in on my new career as a "production technician" at NPR. I have very little time to actually work on my music.  

The truth is though...When I had enough time to work on my music, I squandered the absolute shit out of it. I procrastinated...played video games. And I don't mean a game here and there..I got into MMORPGS which are essentially "real life replacements" where you sort of cease to function as any sort of normal human. I watched movies and shit TV. Any excuse to not work on my music was welcomed.  

I try and remind myself that when I'm stuck at work. Or when I find I have 15 minutes to try and fix a mix or a couple hours to try and start on a song. That's really all the time I ever had. 

These days...I at least appreciate the time more.  

And there's nothing better than creating a song or two that I'm proud of - against all odds. It's still the best. 

love love 

will will