I thought I should update this page since the last post I made was in August. So much has happened in my life since then! 


I moved... (sad face). I loved Atlanta and I loved living there, but my girlfriend got a better job than I had. So, I followed her up to DC.

Yes, DC. The District of Columbia. I just had to double check the spelling of "Columbia"..that's how new I am to this city.

So, I moved at the beginning of the year and after months of finishing records, fixing up my disaster of a resume, and applying for probably hundreds of positions...I landed a job as an a/v technician.

This is a pretty different gig. Instead of getting coffee for jaded Christian rock acts and going to pick up burritos for post punk heroin addicts I am now running webcasts and learning the ins and outs of everything in the Audio Visual world at the #1 political think tank in DC.

Its my second week, and after working my first 9-5 job for nearly two weeks I no longer believe in the structure of our society...or money...or power. I would just like to be able to play my video games again...write some some good food.....take a stroll through town with Ashley...and not feel like every ounce of free time is just constantly slipping away.

"But Will", you say. "Don't you know that this is how everyone has always felt?"

I guess I didn't. I've been lucky to be able to have all the time I need to work on my music...other peoples music...Now I'm feeling the heat...A couple hours to myself everyday...If I'm lucky...That's it. 

I'm probably being dramatic...maybe its just for effect. Maybe it comes across poorly because you, the reader, underwent this change a long time ago. And you don't even feel the need to welcome me to the just don't have the time or energy to worry about my work/life transition. 

I'm still playing music though...and I still want to make art. I actually think the desire is greater now that I don't have all the time in the world to work on it. Now that music isn't my full time job....its sort of becoming an interest to me again...a love of mine. Maybe its not my "career" right now (any maybe it is), but its still my art. So that's pretty cool.

I'm playing my first show in DC this weekend with my friends from Atlanta : Julian Morena and Boo Reefa. 

I hope I'll play some more shows too. I'll keep you posted.