Happy August 30th,
My name is Will Mitchell and I'm the sheriff around these parts...I'm also the sole inhabitant, local drunk, and village idiot. At your service. I am an indie folk/pop artist and producer..I also run When Will Productions which produces videos of local Atlanta talent as well as music for television and film etc. 

Part of the reason I'm putting all of this information in this blog post is so that Spotify will verify me on their stuff...I'm up to like 13 followers last I checked on there and I need 250 (gasp!) to be able to upload a biography and put a picture on there I guess.  

Maybe then they will finally take down the Joni Mitchell celtic cover song by some other Will Mitchell likely from Ireland or somewhere like that.  It's the most popular song on there and the first thing you hear when you go to my artist page on Spotify...So you can understand my desire to get that taken off of there.

I don't mean to hate on Spotify...I use it constantly and pay them every month for their fancy service, but they're not great at responding to their artist's requests (I'm sure they get a lot of them).  And I won't even get into the payment structures etc. and ya da ya da ya da.

I'm working on new music erbody. It has taken a long time for me to get back into the writing swing of things...But I think I'm back, or like within the county lines and almost to the city...if that makes sense.

Spotify, hit me up.  Love you.