Happy Spring 3/21/15

Hi, my name's Will Mitchell.  Thanks for visiting my music page.

I'm a songwriter, musician, and producer that lives in Atlanta, GA.


Besides music, I am obsessed with movies, video games, and comedy.  I am often influenced by these things just as often as things from my real/regular life.

One of my dreams is to make music for movies and games someday as well.


My music has been described to me in a lot of ways..Each time it's different.  Even when people ask me to describe it to them I change my answer each time.  Sometimes I say it's kind of folky.  Or sometimes I'm feeling a little bold and I say it's rock...alternative....indie....dream pop....indie pop.  Sometimes I offend people when I assume I'm in their category or genre!  Let's just call it music and you can decide if it's good or bad.  


If you are curious or you've got a second to listen to some of my music, there's a music player down there.  It's also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, Soundcloud, etc.

I am currently trying to finish producing a number of records (some are done and just not released yet), but I can't wait to share those with you.  

Finally, I've been producing a video series for local Atlanta singer-songwriters.  I'd love for you to check that out if you're curious : https://www.youtube.com/whenwillproductions

Take care!