Josh Wien

Every few months I get the chance to sit down with the songwriters of Atlanta, GA and ask them what makes them tick.  I was lucky enough to get Josh Wien to come by the studio and play two of…Read more

A Brief Note About Coffee

I love coffee...and I love it in many different forms.  At home, I'm generally buying different types of k-cups. Today I'm enjoying some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Green Mountain Coffee. My friend Ben recommended that I start buying coffee from places…Read more

Tiny Desk Contest 2016

Just submitted my song "Hang With Me" to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest!  

W. Waylon was nice enough to play harmonica for me. We shot his video afterwards... I'm waiting on him to get me his YouTube login stuff so I…Read more

Happy New Year

Happy 2016!

I, like most people, don't watch very many short films. But I seem to have a semi-annual ceremony of looking up the "best of" lists and seeing which short films have risen to the top. I should watch…Read more

Podcast Unlocked, Fallout 4, W. Waylon

Hey there!

The other week the host of my favorite video game podcast, Podcast Unlocked, said they were in need of some new "bumper" music. I thought I should give it a shot, and I was really happy when Ryan…Read more

Fallout 4

Hey guys,
If you don't hear from me for a while it's because I am deeply embedded into my couch playing Fallout 4. Do not worry about me as I have prepared for this and have boxes of ramen within…Read more

Happy Spring 3/21/15

Hi, my name's Will Mitchell.  Thanks for visiting my music page.

I'm a songwriter, musician, and producer that lives in Atlanta, GA.


Besides music, I am obsessed with movies, video games, and comedy.  I am often influenced by…

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